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2/19(日) 英語礼拝 / English Worship on Feb.19





We will hold a special worship service in English on Sunday, February 19.

Ms. Laura Slezak, a missionary of ELCA, will officiate and give a sermon. She came to Japan in 2022 and is working as an English teacher at Kyushu Gakuin Lutheran High School.

Everyone is welcome!

■日時 / Date


 Sunday Feb.19. 2023 from 10:30am

■司式と説教 / Presider and Sermoniser


 Ms. Laura Slezak

 (アメリカ福音ルーテル教会宣教師 / A missionary of Evangelical Lutheran Church of America)

■説教題 / Theme of sermon

 "Transformed by God's Love"

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