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Japan Evangelical Lutheran Oe Church

(Nihon Fukuin Ruteru Oe Kyokai)

We are a church practising the love of Christ,

and standing firmly in the tradition of the Lutheran church

and the principles of the Reformation.

Who is JELC( Japan Evangelical Lutheran Church)?


at Oe Chapel

Every Sunday 10:30 a.m.-11:45 a.m.

at Uto Branch Chapel

Every Saturday 10:30 a.m.-11:45 a.m.

Everyone is welcome. 

(All worship services are in Japanese language.)


English Conversation Club 

7:00 p.m.- 8:00 p.m.,

Every Wednesday at Oe Chapel

We welcome English speakers! Join us!


Rev. Satoshi Morita

Rev. MORITA Satoshi

  • Born in Tokyo in 1986

  • Graduated from Japan Lutheran Theological Seminary

  • Worked as a pastor at Lutheran Shinreizan Church and as a chaplain at Denmark Pastures Social Welfare Community in Shizuoka from 2018

  • Working as a pastor of Lutheran Oe Church from 2021

"Unusually for a young pastor in Japan, I have no Christians in my family, and I was not educated in mission schools. Nevertheless, I was baptized and became a pastor. God really does work in mysterious ways. So I, too, hope to form a church where those who have not yet come to church can take the first step."


Our mission started as the church of Kyushu Gakuin, a Lutheran school established by Rev. Charles L. Brown D.D., in 1921. We later became independent and changed our name to 'Lutheran Oe Church', took from the town's name. In Oe district, there are many schools and cultural facilities. Soho Tokutomi, a christian journalist, lived in Oe and educated his students at his home as a private school called Oe Gijuku. We serve people with the love of Christ and preach the gospel in this historical and academic town.


Is there anyone who speaks English in Oe Church?

Yes. Some members can speak English. Missionaries form the Lutheran Church in America also attend the services at Oe chapel.

I'm not Christian. Can I attend the services?

Of course yes. We welcome your attending!

Do you have the services in foreign language?

We're sorry, but no. However you can attend the international services at Kumamoto Lutheran Church. See here.


Oe(大江) Chapel

4-20-23 Oe, Chuo-ku,

Kumamoto-shi, Kumamoto. 862-0971

Uto(宇土) Branch Chapel

1-67 Honmachi,

Uto-shi, Kumamoto. 869-0431


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